SHIFT11 - explore, prototype, test, repeat.



You use hundreds of products every day.

How many really stick out?

SHIFT11® is here to help you develop new experiences for your customers
that leave real positive impressions.



At SHIFT11 we follow the lean paradigm:

An iterative, open ended lean product & service development process. It is both a methodology and a movement that seeks to dramatically reduce risk in new product development and create more successful products through a scientific yet pragmatic rapid prototyping process: Explore, prototype, test, repeat.


You don’t really understand your product, until you put a prototype in front of customers.
— From: "Subject To Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World"

How you can develop products & services with our team:


Design Sprints,
1 Team
(1-2 weeks)

Quickly understand customers & their problems, prototype solutions and test them in just 5- 10 days.



Prototyping Programs,
Several Teams parallelly
(2-4 months)

Let us guide several teams at the same time through a structured process to validate ideas and form testable prototypes.



In-depth Product & Service Development
(individual timeline)

Implementation-ready concepts after several sprints or iteration loops.