Two founders, surrounded by a handpicked specialist taskforce for exploring, prototyping and testing new products & services.

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Tobias Göllner, SHIFT11 CO-Founder

Tobias (31) is a curious entrepreneurship & lean innovation enthusiast, project manager, methods geek, product developer, consultant, trainer, conference speaker and moderator. He's been working with national & international brands as well as start-up incubators and new ventures and shared his experience during talks in Europe and North America (US & Mexico). He also founded the Inhouse Innovation Training agency ShiftYard.


Michael Thurow, SHIFT11 Co-founder

Michael (43) is a passionate design thinking & innovation expert, product developer, design aficionado, R&D veteran, entrepreneurial thinker, author, workshop pusher and conference speaker. Coming from an architectural background, he soon found his field of passion in innovation & product development, where he has been realizing new concepts for national & international corporations in different sectors for the past 15 years. In 2011 he founded tm concepts, an Interior Design agency for New Work and Customer Touchpoints.